Value Proposition in Cedar Rapids

IMG_2549Had a successfull strategic planning session yesterday in Cedar Rapids for the PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter.

We revisited and simplified the Vision and Mission statements, identified core values, created a value proposition for the chapter, and developed four high level action plans.  Below are the results of the Vision, Mission, and value proposition:

PMI EIC is a volunteer driven organization in the business of promoting the adoption, advancement, and success of project management in organizations. We are a focal point for transferring PM knowledge to our members and to anyone else interested in the practice of PM.

Vision:  To be recognized as a dynamic organization serving the project professionals in the advancement of project management.

Mission: PMI EIC provides a forum for professional fellowship to promote the principles and practices of project management.


Our vision has 2 key components:

  • Dynamic Organization
  • Advancement of Project Management

Being a Dynamic Organization can mean many things.  For PMI EIC, our focus is three-fold:

  • Our chapter leadership is comprised of a diverse set of practicing project managers from different industries and with different organizational deliverables.  This allows us to focus on solving varying professional and organizational challenges.
  • We offer a variety of professional development opportunities through networking, project management fellowship, volunteerism, monthly meetings, immersive educational programs, and community outreach.
  • We have fun.  Our chapter programs often include unique experiences that not only help us learn about different businesses, but we celebrate their deliverables at the same time.

Advancement of Project Management as a profession is the objective of PMI, and as a Chapter, our mandate is to promote the discipline of Project Management in the Eastern Iowa area. This is being done by:

  • being involved in Project Management Conferences/Symposiums
  • promoting and supporting Project Management education/training
  • sponsoring Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and recertification
  • organizing a program of PM oriented meetings, events and presentations
  • creating local student groups and other Chapters.
  • Provide quality education and certification opportunities to advance project management competency.
  • Foster the largest network of project management practitioners, stakeholders, consultants and educators in Eastern Iowa to strengthen the profession and its successful practice
  • Advocate for the value of project management and the profession Numerous Networking Opportunities
  • Access to New Skill Training and Courses
  • Access to Scholarship Information
  • Invitations to Monthly Chapter Dinner, Lunch, and Breakfast Meeting
  • Ongoing Membership Support to Help You Achieve Your Membership Goals
  • Professional Certification Support
  • Professional Development Courses and Units
  • New Friends and Colleagues!
  • Access to National and Local Job Listings

We are planning to extend our collaboration with students and universities, creating special project management content and programs for the students. We are also looking to increase member interaction through a mentorship or coaching program.

Living your Vision, Mission, & Values!

I am doing some local consulting for an organization looking to increase the effectiveness and maturity of their major projects organization.  Since this is a fairly young organization, we are starting at the beginning and with the basics – developing and institutionalizing  Vision, Mission, and Values to start developing the culture we are trying to propagate.

Visionvmv:  To be the PREMIER projects group in XXXXX.

Mission: Improve the Safety, Reliability, and Capacity of XXXXX while minimizing impact to daily operations and the customer.

At XXXXX, we believe deeply in:

  • Clarity- freedomfrom indistinctness or
  • Integrity- soundness of moral character;
  • Transparency- thequality or state of being
  • Intention- theend or object intended;
  • Morality- conformityto the rules of right
  • Ethicality- pertainingto right and wrong in
  • Respect- esteemfor or a sense of the worth or excellence of a

Driving Ambition: By 2018, we have demonstrated the success of XXXXX and are preparing to roll out our processes to the other six XXXXX locations.

Images of Success:

  • Engagement of other departments in XXXXX
  • Cohesive XXXXX Team
  • XXXXX individuals have development opportunities
  • Quality of life balance

Our brand promise: Successful Projects & Project Management

  • Respect
  • Appreciation
  • Enthusiasm

Project Management Perspective

2012-11-04_17-05-09I have been involved in Project Management training for more than 15 years, and the image above is one that I return to over and over again.

This image shows the importance of several important factors involved in effective project management:

  • Communication, Communication, Communication
  • Collecting Requirements
  • Stakeholder Management/Engagement
  • Project Quality Management (meeting customer requirements)
  • Project Documentation

You should always take the time during the Initiation and Planning phases of a project to actively listen to your stakeholders, to document the project/product requirements, to establish regular communications, to have a feedback loop for meeting customer requirements, and having enough formal approvals to show agreement during all phases of the project life cycle.


Want to improve your Project Outcomes?

I am excited to inform you that we are starting a new Project Management forum as part of Indiana Renaissance Executive Forums.  I will be your forum leader for this new endeavor.

Our next meeting is Thursday morning, February 16th, in Mishawaka, IN.   If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me at

This blog is about my Project Management journey, and this is one aspect of this journey.  After 25 years of  Nuclear Power Plant design and construction experience, four years ago I made the foray into the manufacturing environment as a New Product Development Manager.  Guess what? The same issues that were present in nuclear design and construction were also present in a manufacturing environment.  The same questions were applicable for both environments:

Do you have major Projects that are critical to your success over coming years?

Are some of these Projects over budget or late on delivery?

Could your key staff benefit from learning how other companies complete Projects?

While larger organizations, with larger projects and overhead budgets, can afford to organize a Project Management Office, we have found that small to medium size organizations are not structured that way.  The peer-to-peer environment supports my Rip-of-and-Duplicate (what I call R&D) philosophy.  Why re-invent the wheel when someone in our forum, or our member companies, has already experienced that problem/issue.  Our forum format has proven successful in helping organizations solve issues with a direct impact on improving the bottom line.

Our quarterly meeting format, with each four hour meeting being held at a forum member location, will be structured as follows:

  • Welcome & Networking
  • Educational Component
  • Host Company Overview
  • Host Company Tour
  • Roundtable Issue Discussion

Our educational components will be focused on Project Management Tools & Techniques, New Product Development best practices, leadership, business acumen, etc..  I also plan on developing a virtual location for collaboration in-between our quarterly meetings.

Our next meeting is Thursday morning, February 16th, in Mishawaka, IN.   If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me at

Apples to Apples Project Management

apples-954928_1280I  have always maintained that project management skills are transportable from industry to industry.  I was able to affirm that assumption this week when I delivered Project Management training to a different organization from a different industry than my current position.

While technical competence in the industry you are working is certainly a benefit, it is not a hard and fast requirement.

Having a common platform, such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) from the Project Management Institute (PMI), allows all team members to speak a common language and to have a common understanding.

Through the years, I have been exposed to Information Systems/Technology, Construction, and Manufacturing industries and project management projects.  I have incorporated aspects from each of these different perspectives and developed a comprehensive understanding and training package that provides a mix of project management tools and techniques, as well as leadership and management soft skills.

I am so fortunate to be at that stage of my career where I am able to mentor and share my experience and knowledge, to the betterment of various organizations and individuals.  What a fun journey this has been and will continue to be.